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Student Art Work

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Drawing and Oil Painting Classes-

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Sept 22 Session

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Make ups classes available year round.

 Fridays Paint With Chris!

3hrs, 10-1, 5weeks , $200,

Starting Aug. 22, 2014

Chris explains how to capture the mood in 3 hrs

each week a different painting

Chris explains what to look for and how to use the Art Tools Today

Watercolor classes -

Next session STARTING Sept. 10, 2014!

Childrens art classes

Starting Soon!!!!!, 2014

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Our Art Program

Let us Meet You Where You Are

Allow us to help you reach your full artist potential.                                                                        Anyone Can Do This,                       All You Need is Desire!                                                You Choose to Draw or Paint Your First Day                                     We Specialize in Teaching the Begining to Intermediate Artist